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(Ignore stars, I don't use them) I think this is a good practice piece. The colour choice is sutably neutral all around, without any ja...

these are excellent practice! Repetition of the form can really give you an idea of how it works in 3D. It's unfortunate that I haven't...

(Ignore stars, I don't rate WIPs) I love Korra! :D I can see you're on the right track here with this drawing. It's pretty accurate beca...

(Ignore stars, I don't give them for studies / practice / WIPs) I think this is a great idea for a study. I would never be offended if ...

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Laura Auffray

- Please credit me if you use one of my images. This means putting a link back to this profile somewhere near the finished piece.

Put a text link to my main profile OR use :iconrobynrose: (:icon robynrose: with the space removed)
Do not link to the stock piece you used, as I do delete old work I no longer like, and that leads to a dead link.

- Send me a note or comment linking me to the finished product. I would love to see what you've done. I always fave it!

- NO COMMERCIAL USE unless written permission is received. This includes turning creations into prints on DA. Please send me a note about commercial use, and what the project is about.

- My stock may not be redistributed, sold, or edited and redistributed or edited and sold. (In other words, you are not allowed to offer or sell my stock as your stock, edited or not. You are welcome to use it for creations)

Redistribution is defined as any posting of my own images, (including resized or unacceptibly low manipulation) to Deviantart or any other website.


My stock may not be used or reposted unedited. The purpose of my stock is for drawing reference. It is not free for use as graphics, icons, banners, aps, business cards, etc. If I find my stock used or reposted without my permission, especially commercially, I will file a DMCA takedown.

The art that you make FROM my stock may be shared, but you may not share my stock itself. Please link back to my site so that others become aware of my rules. They cannot follow my rules if they find my images on outside sites.

For pixel artists: This means you may use my stock to create dolls, with credit, but not doll bases.

My stock may not be used to make tutorials, including photo editing tutorials. This falls under reposting my stock unedited.

- I would appreciate it if my stock wasn't used for any hateful, pornographic, violent or obscene creation. Of course, this is very difficult to even define, much less enforce, so I just ask you to use your judgement when using my stock.

In the end, I reserve the right to ask anyone to remove any artwork using my stock that I feel breaks these terms of use.

- My stock is intended for art reference and use in photo manipulations. It is not free pornography. I am NOT a fetish model. I will NEVER do nude photos. Ever. Don't ask.

- DO NOT add my stock to "hot girl" folders or fetish folders. Feet, vore, inflation, etc. NO. You can have your fetish and kink but keep me out of it. This goes for favourites or art. I'm really strict about my no-porn rule.

- PLEASE DON'T make comments about my body. Even comments you think are compliments. I don't need to hear that I have a "nice ass". Keep it about the art.

- Questions and comments about anatomy and poses are fine. "Why is your shoulder bent?" or "are you locking your elbow when you hold it?" are perfectly acceptable comments.

- Not all images on this account are stock images, so if you cannot download it, it's not stock.

- Blocked users are automatically forbidden from using my stock.
I'm not acting in it. But you can vote for it if you like it!…

This time around, I was signed on with the glorious role of Script Supervisor!

What on earth DOES a scripty DO, exactly?

Well, we have an interesting job. We're in charge of eliminating, or at least reducing, all errors when we shoot.
You know those Movie Mistakes videos that show a character wearing a watch on their left hand, then in the next scene the watch in on their right hand? That's continuity. You know when an actor is smoking a cigarette that was just lit in a scene, and then when you cut to the close-up it's burnt down to a stubb? That's continuity. We're in charge of making sure these things don't happen, or happen as little as possible.

On the side of things you can't see, we're in charge of making sure teh actors say the lines that are actually written down on the script, in the order they're written down, without flubbing or changing dialogue. While some directors love creative improvisation, it's important that the key ideas still get conveyed, and get conveyed consistently if you're switching camera angles in the same scene.

So basically, what I did on this movie, was I wrote down each take, what it was showing, and whether it was good or bad. I wrote down all mistakes or errors, and a few things that the director liked or didn't like, and my notes are then given to the editor once we've shot all of our material to somehow stitch a movie out of all the footage we shot.

Also I got to hang out with an awesome dog.

Enzo, the dog in the movie is a belgian malinois, and he is less of an actor and more of a retired US veteran. He was originally trained by the military as a cell phone sniffing dog, (similar to bomb or drug sniffers, but focused on electronics) but during one of his medical exams, they discovered a small defect on him. Enzo was released from the program and adopted by a loving family, and we were able to work with him using his military training. Let me tell you, when he was commanded to bark and growl, that dog wasn't acting! But when he was commanded to not be on duty, Enzo is a sweetheart and a barrel of energy.

It was amazing to work on this short film, and I hope to bring you guys other stuff soon!

Dear Baby Boomer Pedestrians of Vancouver,

I regret to inform you, but I will not, in fact, stop biking on the curb just because you have pointed your index finger somewhere out in the general direction of the road. You see, I understand that the curb is primarily for pedestrians, and as a safety-minded cyclist, I fully understand your wish to go about your day unhindered by the ticking of my wheels or, I don't know, my ability to completely steer around you.

You must understand. I'm not doing this for the thrill of going much slower than it would take for me to not steer around you or have my speed reduced by pavement bumps. The thing is, I am not safe cycling on the road where we currently are. And I very much like the state of being not dead or mangled.

That white diamond you pointed out to me on the road on East Broadway? That is not a bike lane. That is a bus lane. And I do not wish to become a human pancake for the next 99 B-line sweeping up behind me. Up on the curb I go, because too many motor vehicles think “yield” means “everyone yield to me for I AM CAR, and I am steel and leather and the roar of hydrocarbon dragon's breath”

And I am so, SO sorry that you need the ENTIRE triple-wide pavement of Main street to walk your tiny rat-dog in its fashionably tiny rat-dog sweater. And I am not a monster, dear baby-boomer. I see your rat-dog and I swerve around your rat dog and I take a few moments after deliberately choosing not to flip you the bird for yelling at me to appreciate your long woolen overcoat. It gives a nice fall flair.

Perhaps you should form a club with the man who called into CFOX radio station the other day to complain about a cyclist at the roundabout of 10th and Glen “Whipping past me without stopping!”

At a roundabout! On a designated bike lane! “And if I had not looked, and accidentally hit that cyclist, well, I would have been the bad guy, there. So those cyclists need to pay more attention to the road.”

Yes, dear baby boomer, we cyclists, protected only by our helmets and our gloriously toned thighs must pay more attention to entitled truck drivers who listen to CFOX as their radio station of choice because if we are not careful, those truck drivers might not remember the rules of the road and do something completely dangerous and illegal in a roundabout and they MIGHT LOOK BAD. On a designated. Bike route.

God forbid I ever try to turn left at a busy intersection.

And so until delivery trucks and luxury cars stop seeing “bike lane” as, like, just a suggestion, whatever, I am still going to raise myself up those precious six inches and bike on your consecrated concrete dedicated to human footfalls.

Because it's safer and I have places to be.

I love you all. Biking is fun.


Space Cadets: A Voltron Charity Zine
An unofficial, fanmade zine dedicated to Lance, Hunk, and Pidge during their Galaxy Garrison days from Voltron Legendary Defender. This is a non-profit project, and all proceeds after production costs will be donated to The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to providing suicide prevention and crisis intervention services to LGBTQ+ youth. 
Please order through the custom site:
Starboy: A Voltron Legendary Defender Charity Zine

Preorders for Starboy: an Unofficial Lance Zine are now closed!

We sold 375 copies and raised (TBA) for Direct Relief!

Lance gets lost on alien planets, pilots a Jaeger, reincarnates through history, bonds with the Blue Lion, takes care of children, remembers his family, realizes his place on team Voltron, and much more. Lance is full of story potential; experience all of his adventures in this beautiful 128-page illustrated fanfic anthology!

The zine is 6″ x 9" and contains 33,000+ words and 50+ illustrations.  The available merch consists of four postcards (single-sided prints), two double-sided bookmarks, two sticker sheets, and two acrylic charms.  Our 20 writers, 20 zine artists, and 8 merch artists are listed under the readmore.

Zine Artists & Zine Writers (listed in left-to-right order of snippets):

@agent-octopus​ ※ Ewagan
@babypears@autisticvoltronld [5557]

carnsten ※ @dipuc
crowzep@king-lotor [RayLou]
@darc-la-farse@maternalcube [eugyne]
@dreamwips@pretty-princess-eren [SouthernBird]

loomsy ※ Renommus
looveel-realm ※ @mandooowwn​ [DumpsterDiva]
@louscribbles@itsdetachable [Hollo]
@pitchgold​※ @queen-gr [GemmaRose]

@sienaries​ ※ @fairylaughing
@sillypeppers​ ※ satalderihannsu
bakaandie @queenmogar117​ [TheQueen]

Postcards: @pitchgold​, Joker-Ace
Charms: cinnieminni, @vanienne
Bookmarks: @lavenderdreamer13​, xNighten
Stickers: NUUKY​, @s-enja

Cover: @madidrawsthings



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