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To be specific, it were these photos:
 Male Head Turnaround Stock Pack by RobynRose

Yep yep.
And nothing bad happened, I promise.

Tima.G Commercial “The Beauty Within”
Client: Chic Designs
Director: Domenico Cutrupi
Producer: Domenico Cutrupi & Savanna Franklyn
Associate Producer: Jeffrey Rosenbjork
Model: Laura Auffray, Owen Unruh
Cinematographer: Yong Jin Kim
Music: Claudio Smussi
Production Designer: Juvel Jeo
Make-Up Artist: Kaci Jae Wilkins
Camera Operator: Juvel Jeo
Editing: Domenico Cutrupi
Special Thanks to Crystal Davis for providing the location, the beautiful Crystal’s View Bed&Breakfast, and to Mert Daglaroglu for graphic consultation.


Tima’s Fall and Winter 2015- 16 line is a collaboration of the amazing architecture we are surrounded by with our desires for a well fitting and flattering gown. Inspired by architectural creations all around the world, especially those of Zaha Hadid and others, the gowns are a celebration of humans’ creative power.


It's real, you guys. I'm actually becoming an actor. This is so strange and wonderful. Now I know why people cry at awards ceremonies.
You can keep up with more of my IRL shennanegans at
Long story short, I'm losing The Great Loftspace.

The loftspace is the photography room that exists in my parents house, and I have moved out to live in Vancouver.
Now, that house is being sold, and so it is the end of the lovely grey loft with the big natural light windows.

But that's not the end of my as an artist or photographer, it's just a time of growth and change
I've spent six months in the city intensely studying acting, and working towards becoming a working actor and model.
I've made lots of new friends in the city, and it's really opened up new doors for me.
As much as I love the country, there is just not a strong enough arts community to thrive here.

And I want to say, that, while I've been quiet for a long, long time, I have struggled with illness, both the physical illness of my mother and my own depression and anxiety about not being good enough. But this spring feels different. It feels happy. I feel like my joy and creativity have returned. I want to draw, and paint and photograph again. This feels like a time of great healing and growth for me.

I suppose now is the best time to finally tell you guys my real name. I'm Laura Auffray.
Wow. That was easier than I thought. Yep, I have a name, and now I'm trying to get it out.

If you'd like, you can check out my new facebook page…

And if you view my demo real, you even get to hear my real voice ^^

Moving ahead, I'm really not sure what the future holds for me, but I'm looking forward to it. It feels like things might just turn out ok.
My new year's resolution is to eat more vegetables. Although I love the idea of going vegetarian or vegan, I know deep down in my heart that I simply love sweet mesquite BBQ ribs too much. So I compromised and told myself I would eat more vegetables to balance out my omnivore ways.

Squash! It's not just for putting by your front door in the fall!

IMG 249squash by RobynRose

Preheat oven to 400*F and place the rack in the middle.
Cut the squash in half and scoop out the insides.
Cut a small piece off of the bottom of the round side of each half, so that they don't roll around on the pan when facing up.
In a bowl, or in one of the squash halves if you're lazy, mix:
2 teaspoons margarine
2 teaspoons brown sugar
1 clove garlic finely chopped (or a small squeeze of garlic paste in a tube)
1/2 tsp salt
Less than half a teaspoon, to taste:
Ground black pepper
Powdered ginger
"Italian seasoning" Which can include oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, sage (if you have those as separate bottles, feel free to sprinkle in)

Mash the butter mixture up with a spoon, or fingers if you haven't emptied the dishwasher yet.
Split the mixture between the two halves, coating the bowl and the inner side.
Lick fingers clean and place on a baking sheet in the oven for 45 mins to and hour.
Check halfway through and re-baste the sides if you feel like it.
Every time I think I can finally break my connection to the universe, those Harry Potter Christmas marathons suck me right back in with powerful feelings of wonderment. I want to write fanfiction again. Badly. I want to write about wizard colleges in North America and nextgen children! And underdeveloped characters! and Hufflepuff / Ravenclaw points of view! I've already started pre-plotting something a little long involving Draco slowly, agonizingly coming to terms with his past, and Hermione going off to Wizard university! Feeling super inspired.

Oh, Potterverse, you suck me back in every time!

EDIT: As I said above, I like Draco Malfoy. But I don't like "good" Draco, the kind that may be prone to wearing leather pants... *cough*. I really like bad characters for being bad. I like Draco and Voldemort and Loki and the Joker because I like the idea of them being bad, nonredeemable characters. I feel like it sort of deflates the characters to make them sympathetic or justified or somehow secret jerks with a heart of gold. Why not use the character you have available, even though these examples are played by very attractive, very personable actors, to do fun, interesting, cathartic bad things?

I don't know, I just see a lot of fiction doing backflips to try to justify a bad character's behaviour, and while I think some takes can make a refreshing anti-hero if done very well, lots of them fall into weird rationalization of a bad person, especially if it's needed for an unlikely romantic pairing.

Also, if you're doing lots of rationalization, where is the fun in seeing the bad guy get their due? Like, Draco shouldn't get away with all the racism and bullying he did in school. He was categorically awful, and pretty much everyone who wasn't a death eater knew it. But that's the difference, in my opinion, between being a good character (interesting, complex) and being a good person. You don't have to be a good person to be a good character. Hence why I like Draco and Voldemort and Loki and the Joker just as bad as they are. :D

Like seriously, don't try to date a murderous psychopath. I just can't see it ending well. o_O
I am so excited and unprepared!

See you there!
I'd like to throw out feelers for number of people and what you're interested in.

We can have a meet and greet, and I'd like to volunteer myself as a model. We can look at sketchbooks, take photos, talk art supplies, etc.

If the number is under ten we can get a small meeting room for free if we register. If it's larger than ten, I need to talk to the staff about reserving a larger space.

Is there anything you wnat to do at a meetup? Have a raffle / door prize? Art challenges / trades?

Let me know!

EDIT: Ok, so I went to the library and I looked into how to reserve a room. Someone has to go in the morning and reserve a room in person that day. No phone calls, no over-night reservations. I don't know if I can accomplish this, because my classes start at 10:00 and the library opens at 10:00. We may be meeting in the lobby, but that's easier to find than a private upstairs room.
I'm not a person with a strong religious background. My parents have dubious ties to both Catholic and Protestant faiths, but they didn't raise me into it. What I was raised into, was a sense of community and duty to that community. We raise up the smallest. We protect the most vulnerable. We feed and clothe the poor.

These are not necessarily religious values, but they are shared by many faiths and denominations. And it's why it absolutely burns me inside to see this kind of thing. Well-dressed white middle class people ignoring the problems literally standing right in front of them. You have an opportunity to help those in need and you're standing around handing otu pamphlets to people who don't want them. (And if you've ever lived in the city, these people can get really pushy and bothersome if they think they have your attention)

I'm a student, and an art student at that (it's like double-poor! Yay!) and yet soemhow, at the end of the day, I can still scrape a bit in my budget to drop some change in a cup or buy a sandwich and coffee for those in need. I don't do it because I think I'm going to heaven, or because I get to pat myself on teh back for being such an awesome person. I do it because they're hungry and it's the right thing to do. Until British Columbia pulls its head out of its ass and actually deals with the issues of hunger and poverty, there's going to be homeless people and they're going to need food.

No amount of pamphlets or morally superior tut-tutting will change that.

EDIT: and let it be said, I am not condemning all Witnesses everywhere. there is no need. I do not believe that all Witnesses are bad, or that the actions fo these WItnesses represent all Witnesses. But I am certainly condemning the actions of these Witnesses, in this instance, right here. This was bad form, by these specific people.* They had an opportunity staring them in the face and they chose to ignore it. The actions or inactions fo other Witnesses are irrelevant to this conversation.

They didn't even have to be Witnesses. There are lots of other self-righteous pamphlet-givers out there. Mormons, Scientologists, Evangelists, etc. And if it were Mormons handing out pamphlets and ignoring poverty, I would be calling those Mormons to task for hypocrisy as well.
This past episode was delightfully improved. I felt a breath of Who again. Someone behind the scenes made a note to cut the fanfiction out and we had a solid episode with a plot that went from A to B. Not perfect, but watchable. I also noticed that this week's episode had a co-writer.

So far I like Danny, even if his Tragic Past(TM) was like being hit in the face with a Sadness Water Balloon. Repeatedly. He has potential to be a good love interest and potential to grow. I only hope he doesn't become Mickey 2.0.

At this point in the shows as a whole, or maybe just because I'm an adult, I'm not really surprised by or scared of Daleks anymore. I know they're iconic, and the show would never get rid of them. I'm not even saying I dislike them. They're just sort of the Team Rocket of Doctor Who. They show up. They always show up. They're defeated, and they show up again. It's hard to keep a good Dalek down.

I guess what I'm tired of is there always being a "final solution! If we break this morality code, we can defeat the Daleks once and for ALL!" Except they don't. The Daleks will never go away. And so you know that all the 20-40 minutes of moral hand-wringing is just inevitable time-wasting plotiness.

The interaction between the Doctor and Clara has greatly improved with Capaldi's take on a distant, more self-absorbed character. He has ideas of his own and Clara can either try to pry, or leave him to himself. This space gives both characters room for personal growth and friendship. It's far removed from obvious, forced, inevitable sexual attraction that we usually know is going to happen to whatever two main characters by whatever mid-season finale.

Gosh, it's almost like once you take away Clara fawning over the doctor, she actually has things to do. This should be obvious to many writers, but unfortunately even in 2014 a lot of creative professionals need to be reminded that women aren't just for decoration. Clara had a significant role in saving the day through decided actions, and not just a magical, coincidental existence. Clara is at her best when she is, like Rose or Martha or Donna, an absolutely ordinary person thrown into extraordinary situations. She is realistic and funny. We don't need a magical companion, we need a relatable one. A human one. The companion has always been the humanity to offset the Doctor's alienness.

I liked this episode. I have hope for the show if producers and writers can wrangle in Moffat's Fanfiction Train. I want the show to be good, and I want to love it as I once loved it in the past.

On Capaldi being a Jerk Doctor(TM): I sort of expected this from both Capaldi and Moffat. Capaldi is ok with embracing a darker, more authoritarian doctor without romantic entanglements. I like this. And I'm also used to it. If you look back, Matt Smith's doctor was exactly this darker, authoritarian doctor the whole time. You just probably didn't notice as much because he was whizz-banging around with childish antics. And Childish antics and genocide don't really mix well. This is the same Matt Smitth doctor minus the goofy whizzbang. Same moral dilemas, new eyebrows.

(Warning: rant ahead)

Steven, We get it. You don't have to knock us over the head.
This is your homage to Tennant-era Dr Who. Because you know that fans (GIRLS!) like Tennant-era Who.

But you still don’t know why. You can’t figure it out.

Let me give you a hint: It’s not robots, or explosions, or romance with the Doctor that made us like RTD Who. It’s not witty banter. It’s not even, and especially not your brand of ~*feminism!*~ (Hey! You dumb broads want feminism? have two women! Lesbians! And they kiss! And they kick ass with swords! Yeah! Bechdel or something! pow pow MEN ARE PIGS!)

We liked Tennant-era Who because it had meaning. It had moral. It had story. Not random, oh-so-witty plot twists. Not bizzare mysteries that drag on for far too long while the characters stand around unable to solve simple riddles. It had heart. You stripped it of its heart when you took over the show and now you want to somehow put it back in.

I mean, go ahead and try. Thank god you got rid of the romance between Clara and the doctor who had zero chemistry together. I would love a story that is less forced, awkward sexual humour and more plot. More heart. I WANT this show to be good. But you’ve proven time and again that you don’t understand a large portion of your audience, and you’re not really growing and expanding your repertoire as a creator. It’s just the same POW! plot twists over and over again until everyone is bored to tears of the latest episode of the week being THE MOST DANGEROUS DARKEST OLDEST SECRET IN THE UNIVERSE OF ALL TIME AND SPACE.

We miss RTD-era Who because it was fun and did a hell of a lot for its shoestring budget. New Who takes itself way too seriously and seems to just throw money at gaping plot-holes in the hopes that flashy cinematography will distract the audience long enough to crank out the next episode. And yes, we get it. SHERLOCK. YES. HAHA. REFERENCE. Stop it, Steven, you’re not that clever.

I do, however, want to give a lot of props to whoever is composing the music. Astounding work. Really excellent scores. No wonder they've steadily cranked the BG music up over time, it's one of the best things about the show.

Which you can read here in full

And I wanted to reflect upon similarities betwen our situations.
I've gone through many things in my life, and talked about some of them, and not talked about others.
And I sometimes drop off the face of the earth.

But I look at everything you make.

I keep everything.

I have my folder on my computer of drawing made from my stock
and it makes me so happy when I'm feeling down.

And if you think your drawing isn't worthwhile because you're a beginner
It's the BEST. BECAUSE you are a beginner.

It makes me feel like I am helping young artists to get better.
I am inspiring new artists to challenge themselves.

I look at every drawing.
I keep every drawing.
Because it's a part of me and it's a part of you.
We have that connection now.
We've made our mark on the world, however small, together.

Fellow artists, I support you.
So I'm doing a small scene in my acting class, and I have to smoke.

aaaand being the good D.A.R.E. kid that I am, I've never gone anywhere near cigarettes.
Yay for fumbling my cig around and then dropping it on my foot.
Anyone know of any tutorials for how to smoke?
I'm interested in the mannerisms and habbits of smokers.
So that it looks like you've been doing it for a long time.

What sort of differences in behaviours are there? Nervous smoking to calm down vs having a relaxing smoke after dinner.
Do right-handed people generally smoke with their dominant hand? How long do you go between inhales?


EDIT: also my practice cigarette for right now is just a tightly rolled up piece of paper taped together.

UPDATE: My scene went over just fine! I used a rolled up piece of paper for my "cigarette".

I practiced taking it habitually out of my pocket and fake-lighting it. And getting comfortable fiddling something around in my hand and my mouth with my lines. I also practiced feeling relaxed and satisfied after taking the first drag. My acting teacher said I did really well playing attention to small details. They're what really make a scene.

Thanks for all your help and replies, I found them all very useful!
I only did Saturday at the con. I don't think I could have done a whole weekend. What an intensity of geekdom pouring in from all sides! There was tons of cosplay, too. My friends went as Krieger and Pam from Archer and got tons of asks for photos. They got tons of compliments. And here I am walking around in my completely obscure costume from a book series written in 1998. I was recognised four times out of thousands of people. Next time I think I'll do a character that's more a little more well-known. But I'm glad I wasn't wearing high-heels or anything tight or heavy. My gosh, the stamina some folks have for carrying props around on a cement floor all day!

Going to the con was also a really good litmus test for my levels of social anxiety. I am anxious in noisy crowds. I can't hear myself think. I can barely stumble out a few social niceties. Gosh I wish I could have been more eloquent sometimes, but between shouting my words and being bombarded with colours and smells, I'm ok with the fact I was able to speak something that sounded like English in the main hall. It's good to cycle in and out of the main hall to have cool-down periods in quieter areas. I think I might have started to panic if I didn't have some time outside of the intense noise.

Overall it was a great experience. I loved going up and down the artist alley seeing new projects, checking out everyone's style. I liked playing cosplay bingo and seeing everyone so excited about their favourite characters. What amazing fun. I will definitely return next year.

10262206 10152318243025189 731525092372189320 by RobynRose

10169246 10152318451980189 1982019432361288637 by RobynRose

10173747 10152318451985189 8527257005441537249 by RobynRose

Photos (C) Jason Romain
I'll be wandering around in my Sabriel costume.

012small by RobynRose

See you there!
EDIT: Flying Boris thanks you for all your help.

To the rescue
(haha get it? I'm sorry)
I love seeing the differences in everyone's style.
P.S. If you decide to try my digital painting exercise, show me what you make and I'll feature it here to my 31,000 followers!
If you're looking for critique, I'll make a note of that, too!

Front3 by Axxeros

fast drowning by M3los93

Kxhara by viet-famwang

Study 2 by fatooshi

Face drawing practice by Eman-Thabet

Pinkly painted by Whereismyjacket

Sugar Skull by Kikomazumi

Study-09-01-12 by greenteaceremony

Expressions Study- Profile Charcoal by Plangcartoon

Smile by MashyTaytew

Cenedra as a Human by LynnTV

Portraits by lifeandluna

Bella by Kechua

Watercolor study by FabianCobos

FloralAtom by Miss-Ag

Light - Study by Kattperuk

Fervor by Gigacom

Manic by spraklos

I just put in an application to post film on DA. The FAQ says it should take roughly a month to process the request.
If approved, my hope was to post some short facial videos, reciting a monologue or poem. Perhaps for animators, running through a set of vocal shapes (ma mi mu me mo, pa pi pu pe po) with the mouth.

Currently I'm still figuring out a way to record sound that I'm happy with, so they would be silent footage.
I'd also like to try to film something simultaneously from the front and side with two or more cameras. My backups might have to be iphones, though.

If everything is approved, my film submissions would be free to view but not downloadable. They goal being use as animation and drawing reference, not as raw stock footage to use in music videos or commercials.

To anyone suffering through term finals this semester: Good luck, you can do it!
Hey, so I know many (broke! Broke broke broke!) art students are going back to school or starting art classes at college for the first time (Don't worry. Get enough sleep and you'll do fine.)

I know that textbooks and supplies can absolutely bleed you dry, so I'm reducing my prices to their point minimums for the time being. (think it's 10 cents?)

Good luck, you'll do great in your classes.
Manage your time.
Get good sleep.
Form meaningful friendships. You have to share lab time.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
But don't procrastinate.
PRoduce bad, ugly work without procrastinating.
You will get better, faster.

(P.S. The reason why I am so far behind on my request list is that stash seems to ALWAYS jam for hours and reject my stock uploads. I don't understand why. Maybe the latest round of stash fixes fixed this)
You have the right to feel pain and hurt when someone says or does something that hurts you, even unintentionally.

You have the right to brush off someone else's words and actions and not allow them to affect your life.

You have the right to lose respect for someone who hurts you.

You have the right to be empathetic, and choose to understand that their words don't necessarily mean who they are.

You have the right to believe that someone is bullying you out of sheer sadistic cruelty.

You have the right to believe that sometimes the meanest people are those who are the most hurt inside.

You have the right to stand up for yourself in the heat of the moment. To call out behaviour that hurts you or others. To point fingers and say "This is wrong. This needs to change."

You have the right to stand up for yourself days, weeks, months or years after the fact. Sometimes you graduate from school and you and that bully are both in your 30s. Maybe they've matured. Maybe they haven't. You have the right to say to them, "You bullied me years ago."

You have the right to your own safety. If you suspect violence or escalation from a bully, you have the right to stay silent. To run away and hide. To guage for yourself what your next move should be.

You have the right to tell whomever you want about your bullying. Your friends, your parents, your teachers, the police.

You have the right to stay silent.

Sometimes friends will gossip.
Sometimes parents tell you it's not such a big deal.
Sometimes teachers will tell you to just try harder to make friends.
Sometimes police will tell you that it's your own fault.

You have the right to call out school and work administration on verbal threats. If someone says "I'm going to kill you with a knife," You do not have to wait until violence occurs. You can call the police. You can demand safety. You do not have to treat threats as empty or meaningless.

You have the right to avoid police action if you feel they are untrustworthy or biased.

You have the right to online safety, and a space that is free from verbal and image harassment.

Free speech does not mean freedom to harass.

You have the right to block anyone you choose on any service you choose for any reason you choose. You are not a coward for doing so.

Free speech does not mean freedom from criticism.
You have the right to engage bullies and tell them to stop. You own your profiles and your spaces. Your youtube channel, your blog. You can moderate who gets their words seen by the world and who doesn't. You have the right to tell someone they are being hurtful, and that their words will make them unwelcome.

You have the right to give warnings.
You have the right to block without warning.

Free speech does not mean safety in anonymity.
You have the right to report someone's behaviour to site administration. You have the right to disable and delete anonymous comments. You have the right to record and gather evidence of bullying, to report threats and harassment to the police.

You have the right to talk about your experiences with bullying. You can write journals, news articles and make videos expressing your experiences and opinions.

You have the right to be constantly talking about bullying. You have the right to be obsessed with bullying. You have the right to never stop talking about bullying. You have the right to be "no fun anymore" because you're always talking about bullying. You have the right to take things too seriously.

You have the right to be who you are, online and in person. You have the right to your body, your gender, your sexuality, your religion, your background and your future.

You have the right to like the things and hobbies that you like. To wear the clothes you want. To speak and exist in a way that suits you.

You have the right to conceal yourself.

You have the right to keep your hobbies and interests secret. To never show a picture of your face online. You have the right to conceal your gender or sexuality or personality to keep yourself safe from harm. You have the right to alter the way you present yourself to the world for the sake of survival.

You have the right to transition between these two states. If being who you are openly is so painful, such a target on your back, you have the right to retreat to safety. You are not a coward. You are not less of a person for taking care of yourself.

You have the right to be a leader. Someone that people can look up to and take initiative from. You can spearhead anti-bullying campaigns. You can be proactive. You can contribute to change.

You have the right to defend yourself. You do not owe the world your help. You do not need to break yourself for the sake of others. You can follow. You can be silent. You are not a coward.

You have the right to introspection and reflection. You have the right to spend as much time as you want dwelling on your feelings of hurt. You have the right to imagine how your life would be different without bullying. You have the right to cry, publicly, or privately, over things that hurt you.

You have the right to have hope.
You have the right to feel hopeless.

You have the right to not smile, to not be happy, to not show the world a brave face when you are being hurt. You have the right to emotional honesty. No one can demand from you happiness when you are not happy. You are not a coward. You have the right not to keep your chin up.

You have the right to feel defeated, beaten and bruised. You have the right to feel loss and grief and hurt. You have the right to think that that bully has won, fully and utterly. You are not a coward.

You have the right to feel like you are bigger and better than that bully. You have the right to feel moral outrage. You have the right to feel like It Won't Get Better Unless You Make It Get Better.

You have the right to exist in a space that is physically and emotionally safe.
You have the right to demand that adults take responsibility and make it that way.

You have the right to be permanently damaged by bullying.
You have the right to let your experiences help you grow and become more as a human being.

Know your rights.

(This video will not work for some viewers (USA). It works in Canada. For US residents, try Netflix or Hulu.)
Bully: the Movie (2011) (documentary)
Here is a reminder. I am not a staff member. I am not even a community volunteer. I am just a regular member.
I am not responsible for the staff of Deviantart, nor do I represent them.



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I've added an FAQ on computer security below.
UPDATE: I've added a section on What is a "Keylogger virus" and how to get rid of it below.

Today I've deleted nearly 20 spam comments, advertising anything from "work at home" to "lose weight now" with a link provided.

They look like this

Spamalot by RobynRose

If you get comments like this, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. REPORT THEM AS SPAM.

Spamalot2 by RobynRose

It looks like the link is hijacking legit accounts instead of creating new empty ones, to post, so be very aware. You could be getting bad links from friends ar accounts with actual content like avatars and art. It's not just empty accounts with weird number-names that are a part of this spam-wave.
If your friend sends you something suspicious, send them a message back asking about it instead of just opening it.
If you have clicked anything suspicious, as always, run a virus check and change your password.
It looks like the suspicious links end in ".tk" so roll your mouse over the link to see the extension. However, that doesn't necessarily mean other extensions are automatically safe ".com" ".gov" etc.
Clicking on the link may take you to a blank page with no content on it. That is not the purpose of the site. The purpose is to install a keylogger onto your computer. if you clicked on any links, you may have a keylogger virus.

Be on the lookout during a phishing wave. Hopefully DA will deal with the issue behind the influx of spam soon.

If you are getting messages that look similar to this with a mysterious link attached, they are probably part of the phishing scam. This list is not comprehensive, so be aware of things that look similar.

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Ok so what is this virus? It's what's known as a Keylogger. A keylogger is a small program that can easily be downloaded onto a computer that can record keystrokes and mouse clicks. This means that it will record when you enter in your username and password into a field, such as DA's login page. A Keylogger virus will forward this information to a thief (either a person, or a program designed to collect usernames, as with this wave of spam). The scary thing about keyloggers is that they're not specific about what they record. If you type your DA password, it will have your DA password. If you type your email password, it will have your email. And inside of your email are often confirmation records of other sites and passwords. So, if you have a keylogger and don't know it, you will be repeatedly giving away multiple passwords to the program.

The nature of this program is why it is important to comletely remove the keylogger BEFORE you change your password. If you change your password while the keylogger is still installed, it will simply send your new password to the collection. And it will probably have your email password now to boot.

How to Detect and Remove a Keylogger

If you suspect you have a keylogger installed on your computer, one way to bypass it is to scramble your password as you type it.

Example: If your password is 55abrahamlincoln55

Then type in "lincoln"

Then click to the begining and add "abrahamlincoln"

Then click to either side and add "55abrahamlincoln55"

A simple keystroke logger will only log your keystrokes as you type them. Typing your password out of order can confuse the program. This is a safety precaution to take if you think you might be infected, it is NOT a way to avoid the keylogger altogether.

Another way to avoid keyloggers is to use your computer's onscreen keyboard.

To type without using the keyboard

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  • Open On-Screen Keyboard by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking On-Screen Keyboard.


1) If I accidentally click on a link but only go to DA's exit page am I infected?

No. Just leave the page and do not go further. That's what DA's exit page is for.

2) Can I get a keylogger on my mac / android / mobile device?

Unfortunately, I don't know. I only use a PC.

3) Should I hide comments and block them or report them as spam?

Report them as spam. Reporting these comments does three things
- It automatically hides the comment, preventing other users from seeing the links and clicking on them.
- It automaticlaly blocks the user.
- It sends a notification to DA staff to investigate the comment and deal with the spammer.

If you only choose to block and hide, you are not letting DA staff know about the problem with the account. Always report as spam.

4) What sort of security measures can I take?

There are numerous rather effective addons for browsers that can help with security.
NoScript for Firefox and Chrome work by disabling automatic scripts running in the background.
Adblockplus is great for popups and can block some malicious ads.
AVG is a free anti-virus software. I don't use it, and so I cannot comment on how effective it is.
I personally use Norton Internet Security.

As with all of these things, just having the program doesn't necessarily protect you. You need to go in and look at the settings to see what it is allowing and what it is blocking. You can search for guides on what each setting does and how to customize your anti-virus settings.

5) I have kaspersky ( the latest version ) and It says my computer does scans every hour, and everything seems to be in check, and I'm doing a full scan now, and everything is ok, does this mean I'm safe?

I don't know, check your settings to see what it's scanning for. Also see if it has a list of detected and quarantined items. Norton regularly deletes tracking cookies from my PC and lets me know in a report. If it removed a keylogger from me, it would say. But if it didn't, I either never had one, or it couldn't find it.

6) My account has been hacked. I'm only on because the hacker is off. What do I do?

If you cannot scan and remove the keylogger, try to access a PC that is clean (avoid public computers and networks) and change your password. If there is no keylogger, the new password will not be sent to the hacker. Go back to your old device and clear it of the infection using anti-virus software. If it's really bad, you can take it in to a computer doctor, but you'll be paying money.