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So I'm doing a small scene in my acting class, and I have to smoke.

aaaand being the good D.A.R.E. kid that I am, I've never gone anywhere near cigarettes.
Yay for fumbling my cig around and then dropping it on my foot.
Anyone know of any tutorials for how to smoke?
I'm interested in the mannerisms and habbits of smokers.
So that it looks like you've been doing it for a long time.

What sort of differences in behaviours are there? Nervous smoking to calm down vs having a relaxing smoke after dinner.
Do right-handed people generally smoke with their dominant hand? How long do you go between inhales?


EDIT: also my practice cigarette for right now is just a tightly rolled up piece of paper taped together.

UPDATE: My scene went over just fine! I used a rolled up piece of paper for my "cigarette".

I practiced taking it habitually out of my pocket and fake-lighting it. And getting comfortable fiddling something around in my hand and my mouth with my lines. I also practiced feeling relaxed and satisfied after taking the first drag. My acting teacher said I did really well playing attention to small details. They're what really make a scene.

Thanks for all your help and replies, I found them all very useful!
I only did Saturday at the con. I don't think I could have done a whole weekend. What an intensity of geekdom pouring in from all sides! There was tons of cosplay, too. My friends went as Krieger and Pam from Archer and got tons of asks for photos. They got tons of compliments. And here I am walking around in my completely obscure costume from a book series written in 1998. I was recognised four times out of thousands of people. Next time I think I'll do a character that's more a little more well-known. But I'm glad I wasn't wearing high-heels or anything tight or heavy. My gosh, the stamina some folks have for carrying props around on a cement floor all day!

Going to the con was also a really good litmus test for my levels of social anxiety. I am anxious in noisy crowds. I can't hear myself think. I can barely stumble out a few social niceties. Gosh I wish I could have been more eloquent sometimes, but between shouting my words and being bombarded with colours and smells, I'm ok with the fact I was able to speak something that sounded like English in the main hall. It's good to cycle in and out of the main hall to have cool-down periods in quieter areas. I think I might have started to panic if I didn't have some time outside of the intense noise.

Overall it was a great experience. I loved going up and down the artist alley seeing new projects, checking out everyone's style. I liked playing cosplay bingo and seeing everyone so excited about their favourite characters. What amazing fun. I will definitely return next year.

10262206 10152318243025189 731525092372189320 by RobynRose

10169246 10152318451980189 1982019432361288637 by RobynRose

10173747 10152318451985189 8527257005441537249 by RobynRose

Photos (C) Jason Romain
I'll be wandering around in my Sabriel costume.

012small by RobynRose

See you there!
EDIT: Flying Boris thanks you for all your help.

To the rescue
(haha get it? I'm sorry)
I love seeing the differences in everyone's style.
P.S. If you decide to try my digital painting exercise, show me what you make and I'll feature it here to my 31,000 followers!
If you're looking for critique, I'll make a note of that, too!

Front3 by Axxeros

fast drowning by M3los93

Kxhara by viet-famwang

Study 2 by fatooshi

Face drawing practice by EYasser

Pinkly painted by Whereismyjacket

Sugar Skull by Kikomazumi

Study-09-01-12 by greenteaceremony

Expressions Study- Profile Charcoal by Plangcartoon

Smile by MashyTaytew

Cenedra as a Human by LynnTV

Portraits by Koras-Sketchbook

Bella by Kechua

Watercolor study by FabianCobos

FloralAtom by Miss-Ag

Posing by beroa

Light - Study by Kattperuk

Fervor by Gigacom

Manic by spraklos

I just put in an application to post film on DA. The FAQ says it should take roughly a month to process the request.
If approved, my hope was to post some short facial videos, reciting a monologue or poem. Perhaps for animators, running through a set of vocal shapes (ma mi mu me mo, pa pi pu pe po) with the mouth.

Currently I'm still figuring out a way to record sound that I'm happy with, so they would be silent footage.
I'd also like to try to film something simultaneously from the front and side with two or more cameras. My backups might have to be iphones, though.

If everything is approved, my film submissions would be free to view but not downloadable. They goal being use as animation and drawing reference, not as raw stock footage to use in music videos or commercials.

To anyone suffering through term finals this semester: Good luck, you can do it!
Hey, so I know many (broke! Broke broke broke!) art students are going back to school or starting art classes at college for the first time (Don't worry. Get enough sleep and you'll do fine.)

I know that textbooks and supplies can absolutely bleed you dry, so I'm reducing my prices to their point minimums for the time being. (think it's 10 cents?)

Good luck, you'll do great in your classes.
Manage your time.
Get good sleep.
Form meaningful friendships. You have to share lab time.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
But don't procrastinate.
PRoduce bad, ugly work without procrastinating.
You will get better, faster.

(P.S. The reason why I am so far behind on my request list is that stash seems to ALWAYS jam for hours and reject my stock uploads. I don't understand why. Maybe the latest round of stash fixes fixed this)

RobynRose has limited the viewing of this artwork
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RobynRose has limited the viewing of this artwork
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RobynRose has limited the viewing of this artwork
to members of the deviantART community only.

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This is not a suggestion list. Don't post suggestions for poses here.

As many of you know, due to theft and commercial misuse of my images, I've disabled the downloads to my stock, and placed the images behind a paywall.

This is to discourage those who would drive-by, looking for something free and fast and not bothering to read my rules, or just not caring that I have them.

I appreciate that not everyone can afford to pay for stock and not everyone uses DA's points system.

Please post a comment here with the stock packs you are requesting.

Keep it reasonable, like five. If you just say "all of them lol" I will ignore your post. (It's ok to make multiple posts as needed over time, I just don't think people need my entire library all at once)

I will send you a note with said links for free when I get around to it. It may be a while.

If you want the stock right away, you can still buy it.

I will hide the comment once the note is sent to keep track of who has been helped.
Non-request comments will be hidden. It doesn't mean I don't like you. Just keeping it organized.
If you already have my stock saved, I do not expect any sort of backpayment. It is fine for you to use. Please do not share or upload my stock anywhere. Personal use is fine.
UPDATE APRIL 18: Phil got back to me by email and said that the school's attorney is looking into the matter
The form letter has been removed. We have their attention.

UPDATE APRIL 18: This morning I was able to contact Phil Clampitt by phone.
He is investigating the matters and will have a reply to me by the weekend.

The Website has removed my photo but has left my name / credit up.
This morning I phoned Victoria Goff, but was only able to leave a message.
Tomorrow I will try to phone Phil Clampitt during his office hours.
No one has responded to my emails yet.
Also, edited to change "slander" to "libel". Sorry about that.
April17 by RobynRose

Fourthestatesample by RobynRose

EDIT: The article appears to be an Onion-style comedy fake report. It has nothing to do with me, but doesn't state so. Honestly, this is libelious because these are lies published next to my photo, implying that this is me. IT IS NOT ME. This is a fake article next to a stolen photo.

UPDATE: The author of this article is NOT someone named Jayce Briton. That is a pen name for Senior Communications Journalism student and Editor of the Off the Wall column, Dylan Dobson.
Dylan Dobson also has a LinkedIn profile, seeing as how he is trying to get into journalism as a field.
Dylan Dobson is supposedly an Honors Student. I'd like to see how Phillip G. Clampit, the chair of communication or Victoria Goff, the administrator of the school newspaper will feel about his honor student status after this.

  1. You did not ask to use my photo for your article.
  2. I did not give you permission to use my photo.
  3. You did not compensate me for this use of my property.
  4. You did not tell me if this was commercial use or not.
  5. You credited my name, but did not properly link to me.
  6. You did not notify me of such usage.
  7. I do NOT allow my stock to be used as clip-art. It is for art reference only.

My images are not licensed under Creative Commons, nor do they exist in the public domain.
Any download or use of my images is bound to the rules I have stated on my front page.


Phone: (920) 465-2718

Fax: (920) 465-2895

Here are some other people to contact:

Phillip G. Clampitt, Chair of Communication (Journalism falls under this)

Victoria Goff, Victoria Goff teaches journalism and advises the award-winning university newspaper, the Fourth Estate.

Waltz was placed in a barbiturate-induced coma after falling down two flights of stairs at her apartment in Schenectady, N.Y.

Waltz returned home from attending a "Lost" season three viewing party May 29, 2008. Upon entering her apartment and going to the bathroom to change out of her McCain-Palin campaign T-shirt, she noticed strange sounds coming from her bedroom. She entered the bedroom only to find her boyfriend engaged in a round of naked "Wii Fit" with the couple's next door apartment neighbor.

Waltz's family, who lives in Green Bay, had her transported to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee.

"I wanted to get her as far away from that man as possible," Josephine's mother, Marilynn Waltz, said. "He'd hurt her enough."

Waltz said she holds no ill will toward her ex-boyfriend for the incident.

My name is not Josephine Waltz.
I am not 30 years old.
I am not an English teacher.
I do not have / have not had a boyfriend as described here.
I have never been in a coma.
I am not a Republican.
I am not from New York.
I do not have family in Green Bay.

I never watched Lost.

These are falsehoods published in connection to my name and photo and implied to be me.
There is no statement Anywhere on the article or on the parent column "The Fourth Wall" saying that such an article is false and written for comedy purposes. There is no statement saying that use of my image is for illustrative purposes only and that I am in no way connected to the events described.
This is libel whether intentional or not. You cannot make up false statements and attach someone's face and name to the article (in this case, my internet handle Kxhara is much more well-known than my real name, and is almost more damaging because my reputation is based on that name) without implying or insinuating that that person did the things you stated. Especially with no visible disclaimer stating that events are fictional and false.

Dylan Dobson represents the institution that is his shool's newspaper and its journalism program.

The About page of the Fourth Estate states:

Fourth Estate is the award-winning student newspaper from UW-Green Bay. The mission of Fourth Estate is to provide the campus and the Green Bay community with professionally written stories, while educating students about proper journalism ethics, editing skills and written skills.

This entire situation is embarassing. To all parties. It embarasses me by making up lies and putting my face and name next to them. It embarasses Dylan Dobson because it shows, on his part, a flagrant disregard for basic copyright law and basic journalistic etiquette; the very things his newspaper tells us that it is founded on. And finally, it embarasses the entire school program by showing us that it is producing journalism students like Dylan Dobson.

I would be much more forgiving if this were a highschool newspaper or a first-year, first-semester college student. But this journalist is a senior honors student at a university. It is April, and he is about to graduate. Dylan Dobson is one step away from becoming a professional journalist. And that scares me. And it should scare you. A professional journalist should understand the importance of and respect copyright law. They should understand the difference between comedy and slander. They should take responsibility for mistakes. More importantly, they should make every effort to not make those mistakes in the first place by doing research, reading rules and asking clarifying questions. You know, journalism. If this were the real world, Dylan Dobson would be facing much harsher consequences than a very lenient $300 fine for copyright violation, libel and identity theft.

Because nothing bad ever happens from sloppy journalism.

I'd like to point to recent events involving the boston marathon bombings as an example of the potential damage my situation can do. Several false accusations were made, plastering the photos of innocent people on newspapers and circulating through forums like Reddit. Before the real suspects were identified, there were witch-hunts organized and the accused were terrified. Black and Middle Eastern people were harassed in the streets, and were threatened with violence. All because of bad reporting and newsmedia that jumped the gun. I'm not saying that my situation and this situation are the same thing. But I am saying that the practices are similar. (not asking the right questions, spreading a photo before sources are confirmed, linking an innocent person to a crime before any evidence is found) When reporters fail to follow journalistic standards, people can get seriously hurt from simple misinformation.

RobynRose has limited the viewing of this artwork
to members of the deviantART community only.

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RobynRose has limited the viewing of this artwork
to members of the deviantART community only.

You can log in or become a member for FREE!

Right now DA is hosting a very sizable contest for the new Tomb Raider game. The contest involves drawing the new Lara Croft character.

I've had several artists ask for my permission to use my stock as reference for this contest, which I have given. (thank you for asking, I appreciate the communication)

However, I went over to browse the official rules of the contest:

- may NOT be recognizable as the actor Angelina Jolie or any other recognizable actor;

- must be the Entrant's original work made for the Contest and may not use stock materials from others although licensed brushes and textures are acceptable as well as original assets from the Entrant's own work;

- may reference but not actually duplicate visual materials provided in the Asset Pack.

What this means is that any art using my stock would be automatically disqualified for entry due to contest rules.
I would hate to see hard hours of work get wasted, so I would suggest not using my stock as reference for this contest.

I would assume the reason is of course the legal ownership of likenesses. If my face was entered in the contest, the company would then have to legally compensate me for display of my likeness.

I don't know what level of reference would be allowed (I.E. just an arm holding a bow) or if not recognisable reference is allowed. I would err on the side of caution to avoid disqualification.
I need a real, actual lawyer.

I can't go into too much detail, but I can tell those asking 'why'
Yes, it's about copyright infringement. I have discovered multiple high-profile businesses using my stock images for profit without my permission / notification / compensation.
Straight-up stolen. This is not a case of one teenager tracing another's work and being a bad meaniepants art thief. This is multiple corporations profiting off of my unconsenting image and making me the face of their major advertising campaign. It's worse because both of these two completely seperate companies are international and don't speak English. Yes, my face was used two different times for two different advertising campaigns, both international.

I don't know how I am going to move forward, but I will do my homework. My stock is not a business. It was never intended to be. This brings me a lot of difficulty because I have only wanted to provide free or inexpensive resources to students and hobbyists. I never wanted to be a corporate model, especially without even knowing what these companies are selling.

For now the only changes you experience is that my popular stock images will be shrunk and watermarked, and only available upon request.

I also ask that those who use my stock do not ask for commercial permission until further notice. I just don't want you getting caught up in the crossfire. Personal use is fine, but until I can get a hold on this legal situation, it's probably for the best.
Answering a few questions about my latest piece I Am Not Your Juliette by RobynRose

What pattern is it?

It's a modified Simplicity pattern Unfortunately, this exact pattern isn't available anymore. But there are other patterns that are very similar. I made bodice C and drafted new sleeves for it. I wanted round sleeves for the skulls.

The bodice is fully lined and boned, with inserted metal grommets. The instructions pretty much tell you what to do.
I used long zip-ties from the hardware store for boning.

Just clip the ends of and file them into rounds with a nail file. Flexible and strong!

How did you do the bleaching?

I used flour paste as a resist and bleach to discharge the fabric.
I can tell you how I did it, but I do not recommend trying these methods unless you are familiar with the chemicals you are using and the potential hazards. This stuff is TOXIC. It will KILL YOU. Like, really for real kill you if you do something wrong.

You need:

- Fabric that is already dyed, must be a natural celulose (plant-based) fibre.
- NO polyester, NO nylon, NO silk, NO wool
- YES cottons, YES linens, YES rayons
- Regular laundry bleach
- Safety gear (I wear goggles, a half-mask respirator with acid-gas filters, gloves and a chemical-proof apron) Bleach is serious stuff. Take it seriously.
- a ventilated space to bleach (outside)
- A plastic cup to hold the bleach and NYLON or other synthetic brushes. Bleach dissolves protein. Any hair-based brushes will dissintegrate.
- If you're serious about bleaching, you need to pick up a compound called Sodium Metabisulfite. It's a bleach neutralizer and it makes bleach... stop bleaching.
- A cup of flour
- A pot of about a cup of water on the stove, medium heat
- a whisk, possibly a blender

Start the process by preparing your flour paste. This part is harmless and is more about cooking.
Put a pot of about a 1 cup - 1.5 cups of water on medium heat. Wait for it to warm up to just below boiling. Don't let it boil, but don't do it cold.
Get your cup of flour and sprinkle it in a bit at a time, whisking really quickly. Destroy any lumps before they happen! You want it to be as smooth as possible.
You want it to be a gooey paste. Not too thick, not too runny. It's impossible to describe, but you easily get an idea of what you're looking for after a few batches.
Pour the whisked flour mixture into a bowl. If it's really lumpy, put it in the blender.

Your fabric should be prewashed, and if you're obsessive like me, pressed. You can do whatever you want on uncut meterage, or if you have a specific design or placement in mind, you can pre-cut your pattern pieces and only paste onto the cut fabric.
Use whatever you like, brushes, fingers, and whatnot to apply the flour paste. I like to use a large syringe or turkey baster to apply the flour paste.

Keep in mind, you are applying a resist to the fabric. You are working in a negative. Anything that the flour paste covers WON'T be bleached. It will stay dark.

This person has spread flour paste over the entire piece of fabric, and drawn a positive into it. The positive will be bleached.

When the flour paste dries, you can do interesting things like bending the hardened fabric to create a crackle, marble effect.

Wait for your paste to dry. This will take about 24 hours. Sometimes longer if there's a lot of water, or it's cold.

Prepare your bleaching space outside. DO IT OUTSIDE. Put on your safety gear and clear the table or area you're working on. Lay your fabric out and then go mix up your bleach neutralizer for after. Finally, pour your bleach, grab your brushes and get started.

Bleach, unlike painting or airbrushing is a time-based effect. that is, what looks like soft gradients on fabric is timing, not layers of application. I've tried using diluted bleach, but I find that I have enough time with pure bleach, you just have to plan what starts bleaching first.

Whatever you bleach first will be the brightest.
Whatever you bleach last will be the darkest.

If you want, you can fill a spray bottle with sodium metabisulfite water and spot-neutralize for areas that are burning too fast. This also helps if you've dripped bleach onto an area from your brush.

Bleaching can take between several minutes and several hours. More if it's cold out. It depends on your fabric, the strength of the bleach, and how burned you want your image to be. If it's not taking very well, you can leave it bleaching overnight in a safe spot.

When you're done, submerge your fabric in the neutralizer. Let it soak, then start rinsing it with water. Basically, until it doesn't smell liek bleach anymore.

Peel as much flour paste as you can off of the fabric BEFORE you put it in the washing machine. Flour paste will clog your machine and sink. Throw it in the garbage.

Wash the fabric with detergent and rinse, possibly anotehr rinse cycle if it needs it. Throw it in the dryer.

Inspect your handiwork!

RobynRose has limited the viewing of this artwork
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I've added more to the bottom of this article, and I'm bumping it because I feel like it's important.
Also it's my birthday, so I do what I want. :B

This link. Right here.

Tony. Tony, Tony, Tony.

This attitude is not ok, for many reasons beside it being completely illogical.

1) You don't get to decide who is a geek or not a geek. Period. Geekdom is about acceptance, not rejection. If you're all about Not Liking Other People That Like The Stuff That You Like, you're not a geek, you're a hipster. Who found a pair of glasses.

2) You don't get to decide who is hot and who is not hot. That girl at the con with thick thighs and a little bit of muffin top? She is a perfect 10 in my book, bro. Except that women's bodies aren't up for the judging. Her attractiveness or lack therof does not define her geekiness. The same way that it does not define her social experience. Pretty girls can be socially awkward virgins who don't know how to talk to guys. Both genders can have difficulty with relationships. This percieved perpetual red-carpet treatment of human beans because they sport a rack of meatstuff on their chest is just myth. And if they do recieve different treatment, it's usually because of patriarchy, which is sexism, which is bad for us all. Like, if you see another dude insist on holding a door open for a pretty girl, or pulling out her chair, or telling her she's so pretty, you have to wonder, did she even ask for that stuff? How do you know she's not mentally begging for that creeper to get lost so she can meet up with her friends?

Which brings me into:

3) Tony, I bet you've never had your ass grabbed at a con. I bet you've never had someone stare unblinkingly at you from across the room in a way that made you really uncomfortable. I bet you've never had someone take your photograph without asking. I bet you've never had someone follow you back from the con to your hotel.

(Just to be clear, I'm not talking about specific things that have happened to me, but they are so, SO common for women at cons, and just in general)

When you see a bunch of dudes hanging around and paying attention to a pretty girl in a con, your first, very first question shouldn't be "How / why is she preying upon those poor nerdy souls" but "Does she even want that attention?" Who here is really preying upon whom? Girls are trained to smile and laugh especially when they are uncomfortable. What you may observe from your male perspective as a girl lounging in tons of hormonal nerdy attention may actually be a girl who wants to be entirely left alone, but can't get away from dudes who feel entitled to her conversation and her body.

You talk about "giving them the time of day" whether they're at the con or not. Sometimes there's a reason why. If you creep on a girl at a con, she may think you're ok to talk to about fandom, since you're a geek too, but she's not really into dating you. She's not leading you on, she's not a cold-hearted bitch who enjoys strumming the tightly-tuned heartstrings of men, she's just there for the comics. Not a date. If you creep on a girl outside of a con, and she's not wearing a costume as a conversation icebreaker? She is probably thinking Is this creepy dude with a long, greasy ponytail in a black trenchcoat going to rape me? I kid you not, Tony. I kid you not.

And here's the thing about women at cons and woman at... life. If one dude tries to creep on her in his long ponytail and black trenchcoat, she may (for safety's sake, not out of malice) assume that all dudes in ponytails and trenchcoats are creepy quasi-rapists who breathe heavily and buy her "gifts" with the expectation of sex in return. You know, and I know that not all dudes are like that. That pretty much goes without saying. But bad experiences have a way of shaping a person's behaviour in the future. They want to protect themselves from future harassment, potential stalking and general Bad Mojo. So they snub strange dudes that they don't know. They avoid them. Because rapists don't announce themselves when they walk onto a con floor with a giant "I'M A RAPIST PLEASE AVOID ME" sign over their chest. It would be really helpful if they did.

So for safety's sake, some women choose to only hang around their girlfriends, or group of friends they came with. Because those friends are safe. They still dress up in the costumes that make them feel attractive and geeky and awesome, but they choose not to spend their time with unfamiliar dudes who are trying to find their girlfriend at a con. And Tony, that's ok. It's ok for girls to dress in a sexy manner and not want to interact with you, or to interact with you but not want to date you. Because women are people. They want to feel good about themselves and not feel like the owe everyone in the world a favour.

4) Now, I get what you're saying about sexism in the geek industry. Sex sells. Games and comics have lots of sexy female characters that women cosplay. And there are sexy ladies dressed up at gaming and comic conventions whose sole purpose is to prey on the budding sexuality of male geeks and who are only interested in taking their hard-earned pocket money. You know what they are called? Booth babes.

These are ladies who are hired by YOU, the industry, to sell a product. Are they fake geeks? Only so much as they are a product that you have created and you are selling. In this real-world economy, these ladies need a job, and industry booths hire them to stand pretty, take pictures and take young geek money. They are not there for personal satisfaction or to up their "geek/hot girl" cred. They are there to work, at a booth, just like you. If you want to deal with sexism in the industry and scantily clad women running around convention centres, you should really take a look at your own industry practices before you condemn female fans who are trying to emulate the characters that they love.

5) And lastly, that brings me back to the relevance of the long-running superheroine contest. If you SO abhor seeing fat girls in skimpy clothing, maybe you and your comic book pals could design a character or two that doesn't have gravity-defying ta-tas and an impossible self-supporting mobius-strip costume now and then.

Now, can we please stop hating on girl geeks and play nice?

EDIT: If this is not an issue about sexism, please, please point me to where folks in general are trying to stake out "fake geek" men. Men who play video games to garner attention, men who know nothing about comic book characters, but buy figurines because they "look cool". Men who cosplay their sexy, sexy body in a "sexified" version of a popular character, but are only in it for all that girl geek fawning. Do we quiz them on canon and origin stories? Do we look at those dudes who are just a little too attractive to be there and question their motives? Oh? A cute boy walked into a comic shop with his oxford shoes and buddy holly glasses? I bet he's not a "real" geek, I bet he's just a poser doing it because it's cool.

Because as a woman, you are constantly put on the defensive of your "geek cred". You are asked to prove yoruself to the gatekeepers of geekdom that you are, in fact, a legit geek. And god forbid you don't pass their internal test of what makes a geek. You read Elfquest but not Superman? Not a Real Geek(TM). You play RPGs but not FPS? Not a Real Geek(TM). Men are not questioned by the Geek Authority upon entering a sacred space like a comic book store or a gaming lounge. Men are assumed to be geeks first and foremost simply for being there. Women are assumed to be... evil? I dunno. I haven't quite figured out why we're in geek spaces in men's minds if we're not geeks.

Women should not have to prove themselves to be geeks, just to please the minds of people like Tony who is Totally Not Sexist and Kindly Differentiates Between Real Geek Girls and GurlGeeks. If they say they are geeks, they are geeks. If they only read a few comic books or dabble casually into gaming, but aren't really into tabletop stuff? Still geeks. Just like guys are still geeks even though they have differing tastes in geekdom. Movies, Cosplay, Games, Comics, Novels, Shows, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, the world of geekdom is HUGE. We're all a part of it in some way. Because it's fun to be a geek. It's fun to share your knowledge with someone who doesn't know about what you love.

And girl geeks are SO GOOD at getting new people into fandom. You walk up to somebody's tumblr and are all "who is this hot duder in a scarf" and she's all "LET ME ASPERGERS YOU ABOUT SHERLOCK FOR AN HOUR AND SHOW YOU THESE GIFS" And that's how it should be. About sharing, promoting, loving what we love. Not forming some kind of hipster pit where the coolest person doesn't have any friends and damn well makes sure no one likes the obscure stuff they like because underground and stuff.

If you see a cosplayer at a con who is new to fandom, new to geekdom, or casually putting their toes into this space by wearing a costume, you have two options:

1) Leave them alone because maybe they want to be alone

2) Offer to teach them new stuff to make them a better geek. Teaching is fun. learning is fun. Making friends is fun.

Two other good responses to the subject:…

EDIT 2: Friends, your misogyny is showing. You might wanna zip that up.

This slut-shaming stuff has to stop.

"I'm ok with cosplayers but not the slutty ones, we all know who THEY are" is some real sexist, woman-shaming crap on a stick. You do not define what is "slutty" and what is "not slutty". Especially when you do not hold men up to the same standards that you hold women.

Many people have seen a Fat Hulk in their con-going days.

Fat Hulks aren't questioned about their body. "Ew, you're not ripped like the hulk, cosplay to your body type! You've killed my attraction to the character!"
Fat Hulks aren't assumed to be "slutty" for wearing literally only ripped pants. "Wow, dude, put a shirt on. All the women are staring at you."
Fat Hulks aren't questioned on their knowledge of Hulk Backstory. "Yeah? What do you know about the Hulk? I bet you just picked the Hulk because he has a skimpy costume and you could show of your semi-hot body!"
Fat Hulk costumes aren't seen as "cheap" even though the costume is only ripped pants and green paint. "Oh, anyone could throw that together the night before. You put no EFFORT into it! You're clearly only here to attract Hulk fans and doing it for the attention!"
Fat Hulks aren't compared to better hulks. "Yo, dude, the Hulk over there is WAY more ripped, you may wanna stand back a bit"
Fat Hulks don't have pictures of their ass or up-shorts surreptitiously taken of them without permission "Well, if you're gonna walk around with no shirt on, people are gonna notice and take you picture. If you don't want people to take your photo in a public space, don't go out like that. Wear something less revealing." (…

In short, stop policing women.
Stop holding them to any sort of "nerd standard" I don't care if she doesn't know anything about comics and blindly wandered into a comic con thinking it was a shoe store. You are not allowed to judge her presence there.
Stop deciding what is "too little" for them to wear. It's none of your business what she does with her body.
Stop deciding what is "too much attention" being paid to her. Don't like her attitude or her thoughts? Don't hang out with her. Just leave. Don't be so passive-agressive and internetty about it. If you have a real problem with someone's behaviour, such as them physically touching you or hitting on you and making you uncomfortable, pull them aside and have a grown-up conversation with them.

Magic Words: "Hey, I pulled you aside to talk to you. See, I know we're all here to have fun, but you joke a lot about sexy stuff around me, and sometimes you grab me into these random hugs and it kinda makes me uncomfortable. Could you please tone it down around me? I just really don't like flirty, sexy stuff and I don't like to be touched without asking my permission first. I'm not trying to ruin your experience, I just want us both to have a good time at the con. Thanks for listening."

Most people will listen when you ask them to respect your personal boundaries. Running to facebook and whinning about those slutty sluts and their dirty slutness is just so counter-productive.
If that cosplayer is getting all friendly with someone else and that someone else is enjoying it? None of your business. None. Go read a webcomic and let them have fun in the way they want to have fun. You are not the slut-police.

Read more here:…
What is Slut Shaming? finallyfeminism101.wordpress.c…

Have an awesome mini-comic featuring female superheroes by Katlay

Also, to get you prepped for voting: Because there are SO MANY ENTRIES OH MY GOD, YOU PEOPLE, Voting will be staggered

This means that I will divide entries into groups of 10, chronologically, for the people's choice poll. There will be as many polls as necessary to give everyone a fair vote in a small group.

The winner of EACH poll will be a finalist. So it doesn't matter if the winner of poll 1 got 200 votes and the winner of poll 2 got 100 votes, they're both number 1, so they both advance.


Finalists will be rounded up and put in a final poll for the winner.

Polls will be up for 24 hours and then the new poll will start.
Votes entered after the finalist has been selected do not count.
If a finalist does not wish to advance (some people just did the contest for a challenge, not for prizes) the position goes to second, and so on.

Sound good?

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