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I think this is a good practice piece. The colour choice is sutably neutral all around, without any jarring, distracting colours. I like that the black you chose is not pure black for the eye.

What I would suggest for improvement is looking at the shape of the face. The proportions are actually very good. The nose is not too large or small, the eye sits on teh cheekbone and under the forehead.

What I would look at is the position of the jaw and lips. It's a common thought to place them vertically parallel to the nore, forehead and chin all on a straight line. But if you look at photos in profile, this is usually not the case (unless a person has a very strong underbite)

These lips are not so extreme as to be anatomically correct, they just look as if the character is whistling or pursing their lips.

Similar to the photo I took that is second row from the bottom, second across:…

If you look at the photo right after it, you can see that the jaw sits back from the lips and nose. The top lip begins half-way between the nose tip and nose base, while the very edge of the bottom lip only reaches the base of the nose, not the tip at all.Likewise, the furthest reach of the chin is only parallel with the base of the nose.

Other than that, I think you have a good profile drawing going.
Hope to see more from you in the future!
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This is very helpful
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Thank you very much! This was super helpful. :)
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