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these are excellent practice! Repetition of the form can really give you an idea of how it works in 3D.
It's unfortunate that I haven't had time to re-paint my floor grid so that you could use it for perspective help. Grounding the figure in reality (even just a grid to represent a floor / walls) can really help with proportion and anatomy in perspective because you get a sense of distance, even short distances.

I wouldn't worry too much about getting the faces exact if these are just gesture studies. the emphasis should be on basic form, proportion and getting the figure out in a reasonable amount of time. (I stuggle with moving on on studies, I always want to go back and fix mistakes, but we should really focus on moving on and studying new stuff instead of obsessing of little past mistakes)

(ignore stars, I don't star studies and WIPs)
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scopsowlpost Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! :D Next time I am doing these in pencil. As I drew these, I started using your clothing as guidelines. Or attempted to. : ) haha

I also might make the sketching more loose and even more gestural. I felt that these strayed a little bit from gestural drawing or figure drawing.

And so true! Repetition is going to be so important to me, especially if I want to be able to draw from memory for manga/anime in the future. :D Thanks again for your critique!!
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