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I want YOU... to DRAW!

- Please credit me if you use one of my images. This means putting a link back to this profile somewhere near the finished piece.

Put a text link to my main profile OR use :iconrobynrose: (:icon robynrose: with the space removed)
Do not link to the stock piece you used, as I do delete old work I no longer like, and that leads to a dead link.

- Send me a note or comment linking me to the finished product. I would love to see what you've done. I always fave it!

- NO COMMERCIAL USE unless written permission is received. This includes turning creations into prints on DA. Please send me a note about commercial use, and what the project is about.

- My stock may not be redistributed, sold, or edited and redistributed or edited and sold. (In other words, you are not allowed to offer or sell my stock as your stock, edited or not. You are welcome to use it for creations)

Redistribution is defined as any posting of my own images, (including resized or unacceptibly low manipulation) to Deviantart or any other website.


My stock may not be used or reposted unedited. The purpose of my stock is for drawing reference. It is not free for use as graphics, icons, banners, aps, business cards, etc. If I find my stock used or reposted without my permission, especially commercially, I will file a DMCA takedown.

The art that you make FROM my stock may be shared, but you may not share my stock itself. Please link back to my site so that others become aware of my rules. They cannot follow my rules if they find my images on outside sites.

For pixel artists: This means you may use my stock to create dolls, with credit, but not doll bases.

My stock may not be used to make tutorials, including photo editing tutorials. This falls under reposting my stock unedited.

- I would appreciate it if my stock wasn't used for any hateful, pornographic, violent or obscene creation. Of course, this is very difficult to even define, much less enforce, so I just ask you to use your judgement when using my stock.

In the end, I reserve the right to ask anyone to remove any artwork using my stock that I feel breaks these terms of use.

- My stock is intended for art reference and use in photo manipulations. It is not free pornography. I am NOT a fetish model. I will NEVER do nude photos. Ever. Don't ask.

- DO NOT add my stock to "hot girl" folders or fetish folders. Feet, vore, inflation, etc. NO. You can have your fetish and kink but keep me out of it. This goes for favourites or art. I'm really strict about my no-porn rule.

- PLEASE DON'T make comments about my body. Even comments you think are compliments. I don't need to hear that I have a "nice ass". Keep it about the art.

- Questions and comments about anatomy and poses are fine. "Why is your shoulder bent?" or "are you locking your elbow when you hold it?" are perfectly acceptable comments.

- Not all images on this account are stock images, so if you cannot download it, it's not stock.

- Blocked users are automatically forbidden from using my stock.
I am so excited and unprepared!

See you there!
I'd like to throw out feelers for number of people and what you're interested in.

We can have a meet and greet, and I'd like to volunteer myself as a model. We can look at sketchbooks, take photos, talk art supplies, etc.

If the number is under ten we can get a small meeting room for free if we register. If it's larger than ten, I need to talk to the staff about reserving a larger space.

Is there anything you wnat to do at a meetup? Have a raffle / door prize? Art challenges / trades?

Let me know!

EDIT: Ok, so I went to the library and I looked into how to reserve a room. Someone has to go in the morning and reserve a room in person that day. No phone calls, no over-night reservations. I don't know if I can accomplish this, because my classes start at 10:00 and the library opens at 10:00. We may be meeting in the lobby, but that's easier to find than a private upstairs room.


It's that time of year again, for my all-time favourite christmas carol:…
I am three llamas away from 1000 llamas. Anyone want to trade?
Apparently Pharrell is going through his 14-year-old Deviantart animu phase. I love it.
I am so excited and unprepared!

See you there!

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